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Soooo, you want to flyfish?
Here are a few flies to get you started

Want to bring or tie your own flies? Here are a few suggestions to start with. Remember, I supply all flies and tippet. So you do not have to bring your own.

Bonefish flies

- tie a variety of sizes & weights from #2 to #4 hooks, and from bead chain to 1/50 oz eyes. Also good to tie a few unweighted flies, with weedguards to fish for tailing bonefish in the skinniest of waters. Patterns i typically use are sliders, clousers, crab and toad variants in tans/browns and other natural colors..

Permit flies

- clousers, merkins & cherynoble crab patterns work

Tarpon flies in the Florida Keys

- traditional patterns work well, however tie a few smaller/lighter dressed flies on heavy 2/0 hooks for those ultra slick days. Apte II's, toads, and rabbit flies all work well.. As for colors, yellow, pink and chartreuse are good bets, however tie a few darker bushier patterns should we have to fish in murkier waters.

Redfish/Snook flies for Everglades National Park

- #2's and 1/0 hooks, toads, dumdrums, and crab patterns. natural colors are good go-to's to start with, however have a few brighter patterns for the tannic water.. fluorescent orange, chartruese, tied with a larger head to "push" the water are great patterns. Weed guards are mandatory in the backcountry. Snook flies, i like to use a larger gap hook on my patterns.