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Hey, want to work on your casting technique BEFORE you make it down here? Here are a few suggestions on fly fishing, casting and tying and a few others for fun. Remember, there is NO substitute for experience and time on the bow when it comes to catching bonefish, tarpon and permit. A quick search on Amazon might give you a bit more info on each of them.

The Practical Fly Fisherman---------------------------------A.J. McClane

Saltwater Fly Patterns---------------------------------------------Lefty Kreh

Fly Fishing in Salt Water---------------------------------------Lefty Kreh

Bonefishing with a Fly-------------------------------------Randall Kaufmann

Fly Fishing for Bonefish------------------------------------------Dick Brown

Through the Fishes Eye------------------------------John Clark & Mark Sosin

Practical Saltwater Fly Fishing----------------------------------------Mark Sosin

Saltwater Fly Tying----------------------------------------Frank Wentink

Fishing the Flats-----------------------------------Lefty Kreh & Mark Sosin

Fishing in the Florida Keys and Flamingo------------------------------------Stu Apte

Lefty's Little Library-----------------------------------------Lefty Kreh

Solving fly casting problems-------------------------------------------Lefty Kreh

Bonefish fly patterns---------------------------------------------------Dick Brown

Troubleshooting the Cast--------------------------------------Ed Jaworowski

Orvis Guide to Saltwater Flyfishing-----------------------------------------Orvis

Fishing the Flats-----------------------------------------------Mark Sosin

Bimini Twists----------------------------------------------Sandy Rodgers

The River Why------------------------------------------------David Duncan