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What things should I bring on my fishing charter in the Florida Keys?

1. Sunscreen, lip balm are highly recommended.
2. IF we are sight fishing the flats for bonefish, tarpon, redfish or snook, polarized sunglasses in an amber or brown tint. Side shields for them are also an asset on the flats. IF we are just fun fishing in the bay (seatrout, jacks, ladyfish) they are not necessary, but are recommended for the protection of your eyes.
3. In the warmer months (June-September), long sleeve shirt and pants made of light weight and light colored material are strongly recommended. They will protect you from biting insects and intense sunlight. I would also suggest a light rain jacket/pants at any time during the year.
4. In the Winter, it may be very cool running along in an open boat. A warm jacket is highly recommended. In the cooler months, running along in an open skiff can be a chilling experience.
5. Deck shoes/sandals/flip flops.. Wear something comfortable.. preferably with a non-skid tread. You'll be standing for most of the day.
6. Camera and film (if applicable) and extra batteries. A polarized lens filter really helps with the glare. Cameras should be stored in a water proof bag for safety.
7. Food and drink IF we are not stopping for lunch NOTE! Please do not bring a cooler for your food. One is provided for you on the boat and I do not have the room to store an additional one. My cooler cannot store gallon-sized jugs of water. They will be left out of the cooler. The cooler will hold about eight bottles of water and lunch for two.. A few beers are OK on the boat.. please NO glass bottles, aluminum cans only.
8. A hat for the sun w/dark underside brim. In the Summer, a large brim hat keeps the sun off your neck.
9. Fly fisherman, I will supply all tackle, but IF you are bringing a fly rod, 8 or 9 wt if bonefishing or redfishing and matching reel w/ 200 yds backing capacity. If tarpon fishing 11 or 12 wt and proper reel w/300 yds backing. Please have a 3 to 4 foot butt section of leader and proper leader already attached to fly line.  I will supply any additional leader material and flies for you. It is not necessary to bring your gear bag with you on the boat. I may not be able to store it on the boat. I can assure you I'll have all you'll need. Please leave any rod tubes in the car, and have your rod together and strung up when ready to board.
10. IF bringing a spin/light tackle outfit for bonefish or redfish, a 7 foot fast action spinning rod suited for 10 pound test and reel capacity of 200 yds of 10 pound test and a quality drag system. Note, All tackle, plugs and leader will be provided for you. It is not necessary to bring your tackle box aboard. I may not be able to store it on the boat.
11. The balance of any trip is best paid with a personal check, travelers check or cash. Please note: There is an additional fee of 4% added any balance paid with a credit card..
12. Just a reminder.. If fishing with me, there is NO FISHING LICENSE needed... I supply it for you.
AS A REMINDER..... the storage space is VERY limited on these specialized fishing boats...