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The Summer: July, August and September can be brutal to anglers not familiar with the tropical climate of the Keys. Although there can be a fresh breeze, It can be very hot. Intense sunlight and temperatures in the mid to high 90's can be very uncomfortable. Fishing is best early in the day.. A large brim hat, a sun block and light weight cotton clothing in light colors is a must for those that are sun sensitive. Late Summer into the Fall is our rainy season. A rain jacket or parka might be useful as well for our quick rain showers. A small sized umbrella might be a good idea for shade if you're just along for the ride

stormy weather in the keys

The Fall: The weather during the Fall is much more pleasant than the hot summer. The water temps cool off and the fish find it very easy to stay on top of the flats throughout the day. Although the morning air temperature can be cool, the afternoon air temps can reach into the 90's.  The wind is typically calm in the early morning with a bit of a sea breeze picking up in the afternoon.

The Winter: Cold fronts typically start in around mid November and continue on through March. If the front is strong enough, we can get cold snaps down into the low 50's. However, most times they arrive without their northern "punch" and bring with them only cooler and windier days.   So, be prepared. Bring some warmer clothes and a jacket. Running along in an open boat can be a very chilling experience.  A thirty mile an hour boat speed can produce an air temperature of 40 degrees during a stronger cold front. I am sometimes amazed at those from the North that are unprepared. Goose pimples the size of golf balls. Best to be prepared. If bonefishing, the mornings can be a bit slow if a strong front passes through the evening before. Usually the fish are very eager to feed as the day progresses and the water warms the flats.  If fishing in the Park, we may have a 50 minute boat ride to get to the best fishing. That's a long ride in a cold biting wind. December thru February can also have surprisingly beautiful weather.. temps reaching into the mid 80's and light winds.. between the cold fronts.

sunny weather in the Keys

The Spring: April, May, June and July can bring some rainfall to the Keys. Don't forget that rain jacket. It can be muggy due to the humidity. Light weight clothing which is also light in color is best.
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